About me

Hi! My name is Robby Wilcox. I can code and draw (albeit badly).

History in Coding

  • I started in 2017 under the account name “Droobledores” on GitHub
  • I created a repository full of flash games that is still up today, although it’s been hugely modified.
  • I switced to the account “stampylongr” in 2018, because I forgot that I had the other one until a while later.
  • I got largely involved with the hosting of “Miiverse” clones, some including Closedverse, Miiverse World, and Indigo (I am not linking to their repositories to be respectful of their creator’s wishes).
  • Ran out of funding on Microsoft Azure, had to shut all of them down in mid-2019.
  • And here we are!

Expect this page to be updated soon!


Space, Pt. 2.

less than 1 minute read

This is the continuation of my short story, Space (very unoriginal title, I know). *2 days later*


1 minute read

*sksttt* Can you-*sksttt* Can you hear-*sksttt* Can you hear-UGH!

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