*sksttt* Can you-*sksttt* Can you hear-*sksttt* Can you hear-UGH!

I fell back into my chair, causing it to roll across the floor, if you can even call it that. You see, I am in space, but not just in space, I am adrift in space. 1,000 kilometers away from the Sol System. Now, how did I end up here, you may be asking. Well, to start, we have to go back 5 years ago.

I was the first in a long line to test FTL travel. On the day of the departure from Earth, things went wrong. Some organization went aboard the ship. I volunteered to go into the ship to stop them.

When I got into the ship, the ground benath me shook. When I finally made it to the bridge, I was too late. They had accidentally activated the warp drive, and we were still on Earth!

I gunned them down, but my effort was for nothing. Right as I got to the control panel, the ship took off into hyperspace, burning anything and everything in Earth’s atmosphere.

Now here I am, stuck on this ship with an infinite supply of food and water, coutesy of the ship’s materializer.

More will be posted soon!


Space, Pt. 2.

less than 1 minute read

This is the continuation of my short story, Space (very unoriginal title, I know). *2 days later*


1 minute read

*sksttt* Can you-*sksttt* Can you hear-*sksttt* Can you hear-UGH!

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